Bodhidharma Festival

Bodhidharma Statue
Bodhidharma Statue in the Priory

If you can focus your mind so that you illumine what is within, the constant light of your awareness and scrutiny will eradicate the three poisons and forever make them melt away and disappear, so that the six thieves will not invade you and create disturbances. Your numberless spiritual qualities, all manner of spiritual adornments and untold gates to the Dharma, will all be naturally perfected through and through.

Litany of Engaku Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma came from Southern India around 500CE. He was the 28th Ancestor in a line stretching back to Shakyamuni Buddha and brought the Zen (Chan) tradition to China where he propgated it widely.

Priory Altar at the Ceremony
The picture on the right depicts Bodhidharma sitting practicing sittting meditation, facing the wall of his cave.
Ceremony altar and sound of the gong