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Telford Buddhist Priory was opened in February 1997. It is a Priory of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives and follows the tradition of Serene Reflection Meditation (also known as Sōtō Zen Buddhism). Meditation is the cornerstone of Buddhist practice; the means through which we discover the truth directly for ourselves.

Telford Buddhist Priory Building

Rev Mugō White, a senior monk of the Order, is in residence, and the Priory is supported by a local group of lay Buddhists from all walks of life. There are no fees for participating in meditation, Dharma talks, retreats or any other service we offer. We are supported solely by the kind donations of our congregation and friends.
Our aim is to support one another in our Buddhist training. By being willing to come to the Priory and train together, we help make the Priory a true refuge of the Sangha. Our programme of events is designed to meet the spiritual needs of people living an ordinary daily life in a very busy world.

Telford Buddhist Priory Meditation Hall


Those who are new to Buddhist meditation are welcome to come to the Priory at any time by arrangement. A Wednesday or Friday evening group night can be a good time for a first meeting. If you arrange to come along around 7.15 before the meditation period begins at 8pm, you will be able to receive meditation instruction, have a look around and then stay on for the rest of the group meeting. Phone the Priory on 01952 615574 for more details.

Wednesday Group Evenings

There is a meditation period that starts at 7:30 pm, walking meditation at 7:55 followed by another meditation period from 8.00 till 8:30pm. Then there is Vespers and tea with a Dharma Talk and discussion.

Friday Group Evenings

The Group evening lasts from around 7:15pm to 9:00pm and includes meditation, a short ceremony, tea and an opportunity to share in the training of others or simply to chat. We do Rules for Meditation at 7.15 followed by meditation, walking meditation. At 8:00 there is a short Dharma Talk and discussion. At 8:55 we sing Vespers. In person visitors can stay for an informal tea and chat.

Weekends at Telford Buddhist Priory

Our aim is to make weekends as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of people with a variety of demands upon their time. For this reason you are welcome to either use the building as a place of quiet meditation, relaxation and retreat (by arrangement, between the hours of 9.00am and 9.00pm) or come to one of our scheduled Sunday meetings. If you are coming from a distance please phone in advance (see contact numbers). A typical Sunday would include meditation starting at 9.15am and another period from 10.00 till 10.45, followed by morning service, tea and a chat. On one Sunday of the month there is a festival which includes a ceremony and a Dharma talk followed by an informal buffet lunch. Please bring some vegetarian food to share.

Rest and Repair Sundays

On one Sunday each month there is the opportunity to enjoy a very reflective morning when we can `withdraw within and reflect upon oneself’. On these mornings the emphasis is on letting go of all external demands upon our time through quiet and reflective meditation. Mornings begin at 9.15 with two periods of seated meditation and one of walking meditation. There is a break at 10.30 and you are welcome to walk in the garden or quietly read in the common room. Meditation resumes at 11.00 and ends at 11.45 followed by optional tea and biscuits and a question and answer forum. To maintain a contemplative environment we ask that people do not arrive or leave during meditation periods.

Telford Buddhist Priory Meditation Hall

Meditation Sunday

There will be a repeating hourly schedule throughout the day so you can come for as long or short a time as you wish. The meditation day starts at 7am and and continues through to 5pm. To help this flexible schedule work please arrive during the rest breaks which start at a quarter to the hour. Please bring your own packed lunch.

Individual Contemplation Day

There are optional meditation periods from 9.15 to 10.30 and from 2.15 to 3.30. You are welcome to come and spend all or part of the day in contemplative activities that you structure according to your individual needs. (9.15 to 5.00)

Dharma Talk

There is optional meditation at 7.30, followed by a short break with a talk on some aspect of Buddhist Teaching, starting at 8pm. Tea and questions at 9pm for those who wish to stay.


A morning when we can focus on a particular aspect of training through meditation and discussion groups. The discussion starts at 10.45, meditation at 9.15 as usual.

The Eighteen Arahants

Steering Group

Anyone who regularly attends the Priory and would like to be involved in its general management is welcome to attend our monthly steering group. The steering group meeting starts at 10.45, meditation at 9.15 as usual. See programme for dates.

Day Retreat

The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. Tea, hot drinks etc will be available here as usual but please bring your own packed lunch, There will be a standard schedule which includes meditation periods, short morning service, midday service and a talk.

Introduction to the Priory and Buddhist meditation and practice.

A two-hour introduction to Buddhist meditation and the practices of the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition. This includes meditation instruction and an opportunity to try this simple practice. The morning session starts at 10.00 finishing at 12.00 or if you prefer the afternoon, the session begins at 2.00pm and finishes at 4.00.