Remembering Rev. Saidō

A series of videos which were shot in the days and weeks following his death.

1. The coffin is delivered to the Priory, and placed on the bowing seat.

2. On the day Rev. Saidō died, Rev. Mugō broke the news to the lay sangha – both those at the Priory and others joining online. She also sang the offertory from the Lotus Ceremony as a dedication and tribute to him.

3. His funeral was held at Telford Crematorium:

4. On the 49th day following Rev. Saidō’s death, as is traditional, a memorial was held and some of his religious possessions were respectfully burnt (purified).

5. In July, Rev. Mugō distributed the remainder of his belongings at a Sangha event in Leeds.

6. And in October, Rev. Saidō’s ashes were interred:

7. A ‘prequel’: Rev. Saidō created the Stupa (with help) which now contains his relics. Here are the final stages of its construction.

8. And finally, a retrospective slideshow of his life, to the sound of The Scripture on the Immeasurable Life of the Tathagata.