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Saturday 26th May
12.30 for 12.45 start

We are pleased to welcome you all to join the Buddha Day Celebration at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Jointly organised by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with the West Midlands Buddhist community, it is the day when the Buddha’s followers remember his birth, enlightenment and final awakening and follow his example in dedicating themselves to the service of all beings.

Buddha Day is a free ceremony and all are welcome to attend.


26 May, 2018

We remind our friends that a Civic Buddha Day will be celebrated, as in previous years, in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, and now takes place in the Faith in Birmingham Gallery. Please arrive by 12.45 in the Gallery or at 12.30 in the Round Room if you intend joining the procession to the Gallery. We hope that as many of you and your groups as possible will support us in this celebration of our joint dedication to the Dharma. An announcement of the event is on the Museum’s website at http://www.birminghammuseums.org.uk/bmag/whats-on/buddha-day-celebrations
The Programme will be much as usual. We are grateful to our hosts at BMAG, who have confirmed that there will be refreshments as usual afterwards.

Please join us, and may we take this opportunity to wish you all peace and happiness at this auspicious time.

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